Monday, April 14, 2008

We took the kids (and hubby as he hadn't been either) to Disneyland. Boy o-boy are my kids AWESOME! They are total troopers! We waited until they were both old enough, and tall enough to enjoy the park WITHOUT spending the entire day in Toon Town! As a mater of fact, we didn't even take them over there, so they have NO idea it even exists! We drove up to the park, without having told them we were going, and surprised them with the day of their lives! My oldest might as well have humped my leg all day long, like an exicted dog! She was on cloud 9! We got there when the park opened. We stayed until after fireworks (about 30 minutes or so before the mad rush to the gift shops on Main Street) and they stayed awake, happy, melt-down-free, the ENTIRE day! Our youngest fell asleep on my husband's shoulder about an hour before we left the park, the 4 year old had quietly called it a day! They were tall enough to ride all but Indiana Jones and ride they did! Hands in the air on all the big drops and all! My kids are troopers!