Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unicorn cake

Oh to be 5 years old! Unicorn cake, please! It isn't the "lotsa unicorns prancing" which she requested...but you get what you get, honey! Lucky for her, I managed to keep the cake from decapitating itself from the weight of its head, by some fancy "dowel" work and leaving it headless for 8 hours :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Been a LONG time

So, my dad harassed me yesterday for not keeping up with my blog. Is it not enough that I have a facebook, website and myspace!?! Apparently, the answer is NO! I sit, forcing my brain to think of SOMETHING to write :) It is a hard thing to do...not thinking in general, just trying to think of something interesting to write! We are having a baby...yes, ANOTHER baby. We had our half-way-there ultrasound yesterday. Everything is going well. Baby has all its parts, they are in working order. Even if we wanted to find out the gender (which we do not), the child was having none of showing us anything! Of course, this is MY child...stubborn...from point of conception! :) I guess that is about all that changes in my little world....children, they grow or get added to the family! Ta ta, for now (dad...since I think you are the only person who reads this)