Monday, April 14, 2008

We took the kids (and hubby as he hadn't been either) to Disneyland. Boy o-boy are my kids AWESOME! They are total troopers! We waited until they were both old enough, and tall enough to enjoy the park WITHOUT spending the entire day in Toon Town! As a mater of fact, we didn't even take them over there, so they have NO idea it even exists! We drove up to the park, without having told them we were going, and surprised them with the day of their lives! My oldest might as well have humped my leg all day long, like an exicted dog! She was on cloud 9! We got there when the park opened. We stayed until after fireworks (about 30 minutes or so before the mad rush to the gift shops on Main Street) and they stayed awake, happy, melt-down-free, the ENTIRE day! Our youngest fell asleep on my husband's shoulder about an hour before we left the park, the 4 year old had quietly called it a day! They were tall enough to ride all but Indiana Jones and ride they did! Hands in the air on all the big drops and all! My kids are troopers!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting there!

Here are a couple photos of our great room/kitchen space. We actually have SOME furniture in the house and boxes unpacked! Notice our FIRST housewarming present...beautiful sunflowers from my sister!

Monday, March 3, 2008


While I still don't know that I would ever suggest building from scratch to anyone...I have to say I do like what we ended up with. I am thankful it is DONE!

This is the exterior of the house. Needless to say it needs a coat of paint (we weren't about to WAIT until the weather is a consistent 55degrees before we moved in), and some landscaping. There is a circle driveway planned for right there in front. Our garage entrance is on the side because we were both in agreement that we didn't want the first thing you saw on the house to be a big (albeit pretty) garage door! :)

This is our guest bathroom. I wanted something in shades of white to play off a Renoir painting print I got from my sister, and my grandparents had hanging in their house. We got an antique chest of drawers that had a sink dropped into it. The tub was an added eccentricity but I can tell you the girls LOVED their first bath in it!

This is my little splurge...the master bathroom tub! I will need a step stool to get into it...but it will surely be a special treat, once there are some candles going!!

Our master bathroom has a "private" entrance through our master closet. So, it isn't open for "public use". The design came as a fluke when we redesigned that side of the house due to my need for visual symmetry on the shape of the house (call me a freak!) It is nice, and the closet we got was one of my other favorite things!! Don't be jealous!!

This is looking from the back of the house to the entrance. The fireplace mantel I found at a consignment store. We cleaned it up and it turned out pretty nice. The hearth is a granite remnant that was exactly the size we needed so didn't need wasted cutting or anything. Of everything, I think this was my most favorite of all the "come together" things in the house!


This is the kitchen sink. This granite I picked out on a sunny day. There are feldspar specks in it, that when the sun shined on them they sparkled bright red....I fell in love immediately.

This is the staircase to the basement (to be completed SOON-ish!!) We will have 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom down there. Also, my craft room....woohooo!!!


This is the view (once the windows are clean it will be better) when you walk in the front door.

Needless to say, these photos were taken a couple of days (when they came through to inspect) before we moved anything in. We have cleaned up the mess, only to make more mess with boxes and unpacking trash! We are going to take it slow to personalize the space so that it feels like a HOME and not just a house. But, sleeping in my own bed last night was REALLY nice! I will be sure to post updates and we get stuff settled.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't ever build a house from is just a nightmare! Nothing goes according to plan. It is a HUGE strain on a family. Never happens fast enough. The end result might not be worth it in the end....fingers crossed it is...but the stress SUCKS!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The stork mistaken for Mother Goose

I did this cake last weekend for my friend's baby shower. It is supposed to be a stork . But, by 11:30pm I couldn't stretch its beak any further to make it look any less like Mother Goose. Stork or Goose, it still turned out pretty well and I like it. My husband tells me it is the best cake I have made to date. I might have to agree even though it was easier than some of the others I have done. My grandma hopes I am getting paid well for the cakes and it broke my heart to tell her I never charge...ha ha ha!

Friday, January 4, 2008

The fiasco that is

PLEASE FORWARD this information to anyone you know who is always on the hunt for a new and different gift for kids!

I found this website through a random catalog I got in the mail. They had totally cute things, so I go there. I ordered 7 items for the not-my-offspring kids on my Christmas list. I ordered these items in November. All items show IN STOCK, and say they ship within 3-5 days, due to personalization time. I get 6 of the 7 items 16 days after my order. One is spelled wrong and one doesn't show up. I go to the website to check on status of the last item. It shows BACKORDERED, even though it was in stock when I ordered it. Fine, whatever. I try calling and get a recorded message "due to high volume of calls we can not take your call at this time" and they hang up on me. Can you believe this?!?! How can you just hang up on customers during your busiest time of year? Ok, it gets better!

I send a message through their "Contact Us" link. It has a big bold red message that says "due to volume it may take up to 48 hours for us to respond to your email". I email, and state that one thing was spelled wrong (after I checked my original order confirmation and packing slip to make sure it wasn't my mess up) and I would like a status of the back order. I still have 2 weeks until Christmas so I should be fine. HA HA HAAAAAA

The following week (MORE than 48 hours, by the way) I still have not heard back. I try to call..same problem. I am pissed off! I email AGAIN! My item now says "in personalization dept" so I am thinking ok, its coming, it might be late...but at least it is coming.

NOPE! Never showed up. So I check on status AGAIN today (6 weeks after original order). Says BACKORDERED did it go from being in production to backordered? So, you guessed it. I call again. This time they don't hang up but I get the "our Customer Care (ha ha ha) Representatives are very busy and will get to your call in the order in which it was received" schpiel.

35 minutes I am on hold listening to this message, all the while I am writing a 3rd, more steaming email to which I will get no response. If I didn't want the satisfaction of getting the damn item...I wouldn't even bother.

But, I want everyone I know, and everyone they know to know that this website, although they have a quality product, CAN NOT stick to their own quality assurance or customer satisfaction guarantees. So, find an equally cute, personalizable product somewhere else...for my, and your sanity!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!