Monday, December 3, 2007

Rock the Vote...fair and unbiased!

So, I am watching this story on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric tonight, about the Youth Vote (you can see it on the CBS Evening News homepage), and before Katie even gets into the "meat" of her story I notice that EVERY (which constitutes about 2-3 per candidate) clip of a campaigning candidate is of a Democrat. It bothered me much so, I actually took notice and didn't flip to another channel for something BETTER to watch! The first Republican not shown in a blurry group photo (of which there was only one of these even!) is of Nixon! Nixon, for god's sake!!! The ONLY GOP Candidate to get any "air time" was John McCain, in a clip of him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which aired in August, by the way because I watched it on its first run!)...a Political Satirist, for goodness sake! This only, after the whole Nixon coaxing young voters to the polls during Vietnam, and a blurry photo of George Bush in a background shot on a background TV monitor! I am not a party line voter, by any means, but I am certainly disappointed in this very unbalanced opportunity to persuade Young Voters towards the Democrat Vote. I guess it is apparently very obvious how "unbiased" (ha ha) the media truly is!

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