Saturday, January 19, 2008

The stork mistaken for Mother Goose

I did this cake last weekend for my friend's baby shower. It is supposed to be a stork . But, by 11:30pm I couldn't stretch its beak any further to make it look any less like Mother Goose. Stork or Goose, it still turned out pretty well and I like it. My husband tells me it is the best cake I have made to date. I might have to agree even though it was easier than some of the others I have done. My grandma hopes I am getting paid well for the cakes and it broke my heart to tell her I never charge...ha ha ha!


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, you need to open your own bakery! Can you ship cakes to CA?!?!

Emiline said...

Yes, that is quite good! I could never made anything like that.
Decorating cakes doesn't seem to be my thing. I like to slap some frosting on there and call it a day.