Monday, June 8, 2009

Its Monday

Today is Monday. Since my birthday, 3 weeks ago, I have found little gifts around the house for me, from my husband. He has gotten into the habit of setting up a trinket gift and a little "poem" (sort of) for me. Our baby is due on a Monday and I am getting to sense these trinket gifts will go until then! Its fun. But today, there was no trinket. It thew me for a loop. Until I got a call at the office from hubby telling me to check under the front seat of my car. Thank goodness it wasn't something edible because it would have stunk up the car before I EVER discovered it through all the half-colored kid menus, empty food containers, sweaters, shoes, basic-crap, etc., I usually have in the car. Today I got a silly dashboard hula dancer that my girlies think is the greatest thing ever! It makes me smile!

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