Saturday, May 22, 2010

Size does matter

One of my favorite retailers was having a great sale on sundresses for the girlies.  I naturally could not pass by without just searching for hangers with the correct sizes.  My eldest daughter is in desperate need of summer clothes, now that school is out and with it goes the uniform!  So, I didn't feel too bad spending the money.  I bought her several and so the other two (well, really just the next in line) wouldn't feel bad I got them some too. 

This morning they decided to do a "fashion show" for dad, with all their new summer clothes.  I have to admit I picked some cute outfits.  But, the highlight of the entire experience came when my middle child walked out of the bathroom, slightly hunched over, and totally straight-faced, stating "this one is a little small."  I let her know it is because that particular, adorable little shorts jumpsuit belongs to her younger sister.

Let's not neglect the fact that this child wears a size 6 and the next in line wears a size 12.....months!

Go grab yourself a tissue....I PROMISE the tears, from laughing so hard, will eventually stop!

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