Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dr. Brown, I love you!

We had tried everything we could think of and Squeaks still would not take a bottle. She spit it out, screamed, kicked, you name it. I felt it was starting to hinder her bonding with her father because she would get so upset about the bottle that she would stop going to him at all. While I absolutely love that she loves ME to pieces, I was not getting ANYTHING done, ever because I was holding her ALL THE TIME! A couple of nights ago she took a Platex with drop in liner, latex nipple, bottle filled with warm water. Her latch was good so I filled it with formula and she spit it out. So, I start to figure maybe besides the nipple itself, the formula is not her favorite thing. So I pump a little breast milk and she took it. WOOHOO! But,....she is still sucking in a ton of air when she swallows and it takes forever to get her to burp. I made a special trip to WalMart (my least favorite place in the world sometimes) and picked up a Dr. Brown's bottle because I was told they really work. And you know what....they DO!! She took the bottle (still with water or breastmilk so, part of the issues was certainly her distaste for formula), drank it all up and NO AIR intake! Dr. Brown, whoever you are, you are my HERO!

Next issue...how to make the breasts produce enough to build up a supply!

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