Saturday, October 10, 2009


So, I just organized the closet which was LONG overdue. After having been in maternity clothes for, what seemed, an eternity I had forgotten what I owned! Some of it HAD to go the way of the dodo and some of it was saved so I have a size/style to aspire to in the coming months of weight loss! But, boy what a freaking boring chore! No energy to do anything else now. But....the day must go on....laundry hell, stinky bathrooms, some work for my job, trip to the punkin patch and corn maze, whats-for-dinner?, oh yea...and feed/burp/clean up baby at least 10 times each!! Do you remember when Saturdays meant sleeping in, having brunch out and seeing a matinee?!?! I vaguely recall the hazy days of youth! My girls have NO idea how easy they have it!

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