Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's bring you up to date

So, I had my baby. A beautiful, precious, angel girl. But....the three of you who actually read my blog already knew that! :)

Summer flew by. I have been TRYING to do just about everything under the sun since school started. I volunteer in both big girls' classrooms on Fridays (WITH new little girl in tow!). I volunteered to be the Daisy (girl scouts) troop leader. I volunteered to be in charge, not just HELP mind you, of the Trick or Treat Street at the kids' school which just so happens to be the BIGGEST event the school holds. HAAA! I am also on the National Volunteer "board", so to speak, of my sorority which is a 2 year term. I am the Treasurer of my local National Panhellenic, sorority stuff for you not in the know, Alumnae group. All of this is on top of my full-time (which is only part time until January) job, that my boss thankfully is letting me do from home in the hours when the Squeaks actually sleeps (therefore I am working at 7am and 11pm...he he he), and my scrapbooking "business". I think this last pregnancy must have sucked what was left of my sanity right out my va-jay-jay when the kid came because I am most definitely INSANE!

Around the house we got a backyard, late in the summer. It will be ready to play on in the Spring when the ground thaws now that it is already freezing at night. G-man has been REALLY busy on his backhoe and tractor. We also "inherited" (with the help of more of our savings account) ANOTHER tractor and a "but it is so cool and I can mow the entire 7acres in under an hour" Kubota, zero turn, riding lawn mower (to the full priced tune of $11 grand!! which thankfully did NOT cost us that much!!!).

The big girls learned to swim this summer. Little big girl, the Doodlebug, lost 2 teeth! She is just one tooth short of her big sister. School is going well so far. My two Spawn of Satan are unnaturally the teachers' faves...not sure how that is possible!! :)

All in all I should say we are pretty blessed!

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