Monday, October 26, 2009


Today my hubby is 40! I can't believe it. That means I have known him for more than a decade. I vividly remember having his coworkers (he was in Singapore at the time) surprise him by decorating his cubicle before he got into the office. He THOUGHT he had gotten away from that little "tradition" by being international for his birthday, but I got him anyway! Of course, it was 2am when he called to "thank" me for the gesture. HA! Today, however, times are so different. We are both working from home. No pomp and circumstance until dinner time when all the kids are home to watch daddy open his presents. Lucky for me, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. So....easy peasy, we have a COSTUME 40th shindig ahead of us. It should be a great time. We are looking to have about 40 (fitting!!) people at the house. There will be imbibing for sure...and we don't have to drive anywhere...woooohooo! Anyway, Happy Birthday to my favorite hubby!

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